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Cell culture guide, protocols & tips

Below you will find a selection of essential protocols and techniques commonly used in cell culture. In addition to our mammalian cell culture guide, covering everything from splitting and counting cells to freezing and thawing cell lines.

Mammalian cell & tissue culture guide

How to use a hemocytometer

RIPA Recipe – cell lysis buffer

Subcellular fractionation protocol

Immunohistochemistry guide, protcols & tips

Antibody Genie has worked hard cater to all your IHC needs. Below you will find links to our immunohistochemistry guide covering topics such as antibody selection, antigen retrieval, embedding and staining. We also provide a collection of immunohistochemistry buffers and recipes, in addition to troubleshooting tips.

Immunohistochemistry guide

Immunohistochemistry buffers & recipes

Immunohistochemistry troubleshooting tips

Western Blotting guide, protocols, recipes & tips

Antibody Genie’s guide to Western Blotting. Below you will find useful resources such as sample protocols, buffers and recipes, troubleshooting tips, plus much more in our Western Blotting guide.

Western Blotting guide

Western Blot buffer & recipes

Western Blot dictionary

Western Blotting troubleshooting tips

Western Blot sample protocol

Immunoprecipitation (IP) protocol

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