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How to Complete a successful PhD!



Do you ever think about quitting your PhD, calling it a day and leaving all your worries and troubles
behind? Ever wonder how so many before you made it through with charmed PhDs and churned out papers like no tomorrow?

Well maybe that’s because they’ve read this e-Book written by a PhD survivor.
This eBook aims to help you navigate those troubled PhD waters, dealing with everything from how to
write a PhD thesis, keeping your lab book up-to-date to dealing with stress and improving your relationship
with your PI.

You might think to yourself “Hey what does this person know about what it takes to complete a PhD” –
well in fact quiet a lot. After studying Genetics in Trinity, I went on to do a PhD in the Conway Institute,
University College Dublin. My research investigated how the pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 family member, Bim, is
phosphorylated following prolonged mitotic arrest. I loved the lab and my project; however, my PhD took
me 5 years to complete, which was a huge mistake on my part and really should have set alarm bells

I wrote this eBook to provide you with a guide for writing your PhD based on my own experiences and
those of other PhD graduates. This e-Book should provide you with ways to keep your research efficient
and complete your PhD with minimal stress and on time.
I believe this eBook will empower you to complete your PhD and also offer support throughout the
process. Now, let’s get started.