Cancer Resarch Club – June 19th – QMUL, London

Cancer Research CLUB

Cell cycle regulation & Cellular DYNAMICS

June 19th – 14:00 – 17:00, Fogg Building QMUL

Cancer Research Club is a free networking forum for Immunologists, Biochemists, Cell Biologists, Geneticists, Neuroscientists and Cancer researchers to discuss and present their findings at all levels of research from PhD to Professor.

In addition, Cancer Research Club allows researchers to attend talks by leading international researchers and discuss key findings in a relaxed environment.

Speakers & Organisers

Professor Anna Akhmanova

University of Utrecht

 Cellular Dynamics

Dr Marcin Przewloka

University of Southampton

Centrosomes and Cancer

Dr Alexis Braun

University of Cambridge

Centriole Stability

Dr Alex Bird

Max Planck IMP

Function & regulation of microtubule networks

Dr Helfrid Hochegger

University of Sussex

Genome Damage and Stability


Dr Viji Draviam


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